Meet the Team

Mike Nelson, Founder and CEO

With more than 26 years of professional experience in the telecom engineering and the internet industry, Mike leads Logic Wireless in the delivery of high-caliber professional technical resources, certified engineers, and PMP/PMI Program Managers to their clients worldwide. He has leveraged his experience in management, research and development, systems testing and integration, and advanced technical support, bringing a unique base of knowledge to the Logic Wireless team.

Michael's technical career began in in 1985, and continued in the field of product testing and engineering support with Ericsson in 1990. Here, he went on to manage the company’s Global 2nd & 3rd Line Technical Support organization for 2G, 3G, datacom and wireline products.

Aside from his management background, Nelson has also managed several long-term international assignments in Brazil, Sweden, and China.

Mike holds a B.S.E.E. degree and is the sole inventor for the wireless internet patent 6,061,718. He is also the Founder and CEO of Lumen Technologies Inc. and Apere Inc., both of which specialize in professional services in the wireless and IP industry respectively.

Kennet Skold, Executive Vice President, Business Development

With 28 years of International Telecommunications experience with Ericsson, the last 10 in the United States, and 10 years of experience within the private IT sector, Kennet brings extensive experience in software development and supply, product integration, maintenance, solution integration, in the areas of GSM, WCDMA and LTE telecom applications.  He has successfully executed over a hundred R&D and implementation projects deploying wireless and IP products and solutions globally. During his career he has managed organizations of over 350 engineers with budgets larger than $50 million. He also has experience in the areas of Telemedicine and Intelligent LED Lighting.

Fayez Khamash, Executive Vice President

As EVP, Fayez manages the company’s operations in the US and Jordan. His extensive telecommunications experience with Ericsson spans 26 years, where he worked for Ericsson Saudi Arabia, Sweden, and the United States.

Khamash has held senior positions with Ericsson North America, which include Director of Network Engineering, Director of Core Network Supply and Support, and Product Industrialization, as well as Manager of System Verification, Integration, and Interoperability.

Mr. Khamash holds a BSC degree in Electrical Engineering, and sits as a Board Member of TTS.